Who is the Most High God?   What is truth?

Truth is always revealed. Truth is always revealed in my Father's perfect timing. His will above all else.

Fundemental Truth #1


"Whatever you believe you will see evidence of."  


There are many different religions and many different perspectives on enlightenment. So what is truth? 


The most difficult part in discovering truth is that, due to our nature as gods, we naturally 'bend' reality towards whatever we believe it to be...  The life you see unfold before your eyes is DRIVEN by your own belief system.


For example - Wiccan's will see life unfold as though witchcraft were truth; Catholics will see life unfold as though catholicism is truth, Satanist's will see life unfold... etc... the same goes for any belief system. The problem with some belief systems (i.e., Satanism) is that you are tying your 'power' to negative energies and false 'gods' of your imagination, tainted with rebellion and wickedness. Because of our nature as divine beings, "Whatever you believe, you will see evidence of."  This is a fundamental truth of our existence.


I recently heard of a man who saw Ganesh' trunk in the clouds and praised his lord Ganesh for showing him his power.... and there was a woman who saw mother Mary - and she praised her sacred mother for the vision. I'm sure there have been Buddha sightings and many other similar types of instances. 


When you hear of these, it's always interesting to see how with each 'sign' the faith of that individual or group becomes so much more rooted in their particular belief structure... to the point they become convinced they are right and it is difficult to tell them otherwise. However, the reality is - all they are seeing is simply a product of their own belief. YOU ARE MAKING IT HAPPEN!!!  (and then worshiping it)  This is why we should not put other gods before us - these things are simply dimensions of ourselves.


But what of God? What of our Spiritual Father? Abba? What is the truth lying in the dark? I assure you - There is a deep truth inside all of us. TRUTH will be revealed before this generation passes away. Seek and you will find. I too have seen images in the clouds - a figure rising from a burning bush and Heavenly Hosts looking down upon me.


So which God is which? I come as I Am.

Truth is always revealed.


Much Love,


Christian Love

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