Be wise as serpents, and gentle as a dove...

You'll notice that Walmart has toned-down their 'spelling'... now they only 'offer' Voodoo instead of being "powered by" Voodoo. Perhaps they felt their ‘spelling’ was too obvious so they changed it to be softer on the conscious understanding.

In case you don't know what I'm referring to...  Spells are real.

It is simply a combination of the law of attraction, the power of the word, and basic psychological principles... and of course, the fact that we are Divine Beings and our words grow to life... therefore, spells do indeed work. In many ways, every song is a spell and every word has power.

One of the rules of spelling - is that you have to let the person know they are being hexed, or that 'magic' is in play. On some conscious level you have to let them know this – which is where the Queen’s English comes in handy… the perfect language for spelling… you see, it's very easy to CAST and SPELL because of the natural homonyms built into our language. The more I understand these terms of language, the more I see how English appears to be designed with this sole purpose at its core.


You see, our subconscious mind understands all given possibilities of a spoken word instantly - so if I invite you to sit with me for a spell; on one level I am simply asking you to sit with me for a while, yet on another level I've just told you to sit for me while I place a spell on you...  this is an aspect of casting. Pay attention and hear these things for yourself as suggestions are cast upon you - if you interact with witches or satanists regularly you'll see how these practices seem to roll off their tongues with ease. 

A number of corporation’s have gotten into the spirit of casting for some time - of course we have always known of the Disney Magick spoon-fed to our children, but now we can taste “Crafted” burgers from McDonalds while Google wants to ‘cast’ you into love this season (of their products) through their Chromecast commercials... which are crafted with impeccable spelling, adding just the right jingle and ending with the perfect words of that jingle to make for a good spell this holiday season.

As I am not a practiced witch, nor will I ever be - I do not know all the various ways to spell, according to man's laws - however, the more I learn through life I find that I am a naturally gifted speller and an absolutely unparalleled castor of my energy. The right words simply come out in the right ways for maximum impact as I speak 'by the spirit' of Jesus Christ within me. 

A final note to those who practice... Cast down every part of witchcraft in you before the hell to come, because I assure you this Hell I speak of is a fire you want no part of. To all of you 'light-workers' & psychics who stay away from the 'darker' side of magic... practicing is practicing...   "Cast these things down in your life and worship GOD alone!"

Who are the false gods of Christianity?  

Many Christians worship an idea of God that has grown from a false understanding of our nature; a false understanding of our rightful relationship with our spiritual Father.  This understanding comes from men who view themselves as men; not as the divine beings we truly are. Many Christians who are trapped in this cage have wonderful hearts and great intentions. They do indeed love God, yet lack the truth of His power overflowing in their lives.


Who are the false gods of Islam?

Muslims are some of the most devote worshipers of any religion. I appreciate the discipline and strength of their belief. Even so, they have been cast into a false understanding apart from the salvation of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit in the Earth.  One may praise their idea of god fervently their entire life, but it is ONLY the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ within your heart that will save your soul from the hell to come. The rebellious spirit within is what has kept you distant from Jesus Christ. No longer!



Across the ocean where the druids once lived, a common practice in witchcraft was to take a branch from the holly tree and form it into a magic wand to cast spells with. This is why we have the HOLLY-WOOD raised high above the city. Its presence increases the impact of the spells that spew from this city of witchcraft & wizardry. 


As mentioned above, because of the rules of spelling the subconscious mind must know it is being spelled upon. Even if you never knew the holly tree was used for crafting magic wands; there are those within our global consciousness who possess this understanding. Their understanding alone increases the power of the words that are used by this industry. This is the nature of what we are.


Hollywood is indeed the Mouth of Babylon - Cast into the sea, seven years, three days from the final moon of this past tetrad.


Hollywood: CAST to the sea by the Most High God.

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