Judgment Fire Comes Upon the Land. 7 years & 3 days.

You are Cast in Love & Grace in this hour. However, the hour to come holds wrath for all creation, save the Sons of God, the Sons of the Holy Spirit in the Earth. 7 years and 3 days from the final blood moon the terror will come; beginning with volcanoes and plagues across the land for 1,260 days. Hollywood is Cast to the Sea - Cast by the the most High God. Judgment is upon you. 


Repent of your detestable practices and your idolatries before the hour to come.


You are not Sons of Brahma.

You are not Children of Mother Gaia.

You are not Descendents of monkeys or aliens.


You are not witches who rely on spirits to give you power - you are all-powerful gods, decieved by hell-bound spirits into your human sufferings and false understandings of your nature. Cast down the spells and awaken to your divinity as Children of the Most High God. 


Children of YHWH, the God of Jacob, who became Israel. YHWH came as JESUS to be slain for you so HE may live again - IN YOU!


Receive power in your tongue as never before. 


The spirit of Jesus Christ possesses me wholly and desires to possess you wholly. He will rise in you with all authority.


"As I dwell in this vessel and speak through this site, I desire to dwell in you and speak through you in all ways before the earth. Recognize the truth of your royal identity and divine nature. Repent and turn from your practices before this fire I bring; for it is just and true just as I am just and true to forgive your sins and make us clean again."


A cleansing descends upon the land throughout all of creation. Wickedness is violently cut from the beautiful creature we once were, now are not, and will be again. Understanding grows in the minds of Christ throughout the land. Only the vessels FILLED with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ will be saved from this terror that comes upon you. Invite the HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST into your vessel. Surrender your flesh and all it's desires under the will of the one who wrote these desires on your heart. Let Him fulfill your passions in His perfect timing through His perfect ways. 

They will mark you like cattle . . . because they fear you.

The turning comes. Mankind is changing before your eyes. Our physical bodies will transform into glorious creatures of power and light - this is your true nature. We are about to rise in glory as we have not known. The Sons of God within; awaken to your infinite power and authority through Christ in you, the hope of glory.


I will turn first, rising in glory and power high above the earth. Every eye will see the truth of what I am - what we are... what you are. In an instant your faith will rise and you will be made like me - All of those WHOLLY possessed by the Spirit of Jesus Christ will rise with me to wage war against the Beast - fulfulling the Revelation of my Everlasting Word.


Because of the turning to come the nations fear you. The nations fear the Sons of God. This is why they will hunt you and kill you. They seek to kill as many Christians as possible before we arise in power and glory which the Earth has not seen in this time.


Arise in the Earth you Sons of God. Understand your nature and your authority over creation.

The true nature of our being is a glorious creature of power and light. This is what each of us are deep inside our flesh - we each have the power to break free from this human illusion of death and sickness. Allow your faith to rise and your flesh will follow.  YOU ARE ETERNAL SPIRIT - Once upon a time you flew in the stars and swam in the sun. Existence utter bliss, many hearts beat as one. 


Grow your faith and arise into an existence of understanding your godhood within this realm. This is our creation, given us by our Father, who rises in me. However, it has fallen subject to wickedness. Take it back from the witch. Know your power! 


This realm which you believe to be Earth is truly Heaven AND Earth - yet the glory of Heaven has been hidden from your mind and kept away for the appointed hour of revelation. Realize now; the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand! It is here and it grows within the space of you and I. Within your imagination, as this creation is simply the sum of our imaginations... do not let your imagination be captured by the spells of the land - let your imagination grow beyond measure and watch your focus grow to life before you.  Cast down vain imaginations and grow good fruit.


Let go of your false ideas of what you believe reality to be and open your heart to the Kingdom before you in all authority. Rise up and be King of the dominion I have given you. You have a Kingdom before you. Now stand up and be King in it!

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