This is my story...

Many people have a vivid recollection of where they were and what they were doing on 9/11. My recollection is a bit different than most. I was walking out of a nearby park when the park ranger tells me we've been attacked by terrorists - my first thought was "Holy crap, the church actually fell...!" You see, I had just finished telling a pastor his church was going to fall because it lacked God's spirit... But then I learned the real circumstances about the twin towers, and I wasn't sure what to think about the church.


You might ask yourself, why was I telling some pastor his church was going to fall down - simple really, I thought I was God and I was supposed to speak judgment on him. I realize this is an odd thing to do - however, I believed myself to be both God and some end-time prophet.


Shortly thereafter I was hospitalized.  This is what happened...

Just beforehand I experienced a series of traumatic events. Events that broke me in ways I didn't know I could be broken. I never knew such pain in my life - my spirit cried out in ways I didn't know I could cry. There was something that shifted inside. I could feel it... I could hear it - like a buzzing of life around me was connected to my very thoughts. Something definitely changed in me - I felt as if my whole body was being squeezed through a ring the size of a quarter - moving from head to toe as I laid naked in a fetal position... like I was being birthed a second time.

After that I could literally see the electricity in the air - I saw energy differently.

I saw everything differently.  


The sounds of the world around me began punctuating the sentences I was thinking in my head - the connection amazed me - it was as though creation itself were talking to me... that voice in your head you know as God... it was speaking while all of creation resounded it clearly - it was trippy to say the least, but it was indeed happening and that was my reality. I'd have to really dig deep to recall the exact events that led me to believing I was God on Earth - but I was indeed convinced of it - actually, I thought I was 'part of God', one of His seven spirits...or lamp stands.  


I was sick of sin and I was angry with most everyone - to the point where I ran around some town in Arkansas telling all the pastors their churches were cursed because God's spirit was not in them... yes, that's my history - my friends and family didn't know how to handle me. They didn't know how to deal with me - so they took me to the Little Rock Psych ward to check me in; on the guise that we were going out to a restaurant with friends. I remember how cold my hands were - and I remember the long wait while a police officer stood guard - as his radio went off I could see the energy move to it beforehand - a wave was passing through space and I could see it with each wave that passed his radio would come to life instantly thereafter... Other strange things were happening as well - I spoke in ryhme some of the time. Sometimes creating my own meanings for words. It was a sight to see... that was when they locked me up because I didn't make sense to anyone ...and because I thought I was God; though I didn't reveal that to anyone there, knowing it probably wouldn't go over so well among the doctor types...

However, something strange began to happen as I was led into the general area by the rest of residents - they all had a weird reaction to my presence... as soon as I got near any of them they would start randomly mumbling "Oh Jesus, Jesus Oh Jesus, Jesus Oh Jesus Jesus..." and you could tell they weren't cursing. Throughout my time there, some kept making references to Jesus in me...mostly the ones who were the furthest out there. Even so, what an odd thing to do. This was without them knowing me or knowing my story - and keep in mind, I had no beard and very short hair - there was no resemblance to Jesus at all. Yet - they continued the reaction to me - as if I really were God. 


The doctors gave me some of the strongest drugs they have for these things - and wow, my brain felt like oatmeal - it literally felt as though they were killing something that had been birthed. I remember being held down and force injected because I incited a riot. I wasn't the most quiet patient.  Yes, this is my story - I ended up in a hospital because I thought I was God...but then others in the hospital only furthered my belief as they had these weird reactions to my proximity. After many drugs and breaking me further I was allowed to go home. I was much quieter and kept to myself -however, it didn't end there.


Over the following years I was able to regain my normalcy. Step by step, I walked back into a reality that made sense to everyone else. Over the course of time ... this time of pretending to be normal - I did become normal by societal standards. You could say I was fixed... operating well within the norms of human understanding.


... that part of me that told me I was God was falling asleep more and more -

I continued on my worldly path and pushed forward in the steps of my earthly father, building my own business from the ground up. But not just any business - I became one of the world's leading experts in my field. On two occasions, I was indirectly involved with the biggest espionage plots in recent history, possibly of all time. My expertise has been sought out by Fortune 100 companies while my work has been praised by President Obama in speeches to our nation and the nations of Asia. 


I suddenly found myself living a life that didn't seem real; as blessing after blessing poured over me. The change in my life was uncanny, and the extreme amount of change was even more incredulous. 


Even though I experienced good success, I also experienced incredible failures - in fact, I probably have a larger tax debt than some people's mortgage. The government took my car from me, which was an anniversary gift. It was a true miracle that I got it back. And when I say miracle, I mean everything lined-up in an extremely coincidental fashion to allow this. Things are truly getting better and continue to get better, one step at a time, according to my Father's will. I am simply along for the ride as He works through me.


Throughout this entire journey forwards and backwards, there were always odd and extreme things happeneing - unexplainable things. Strange coincidences with numbers and odd intersections with people at unique times.


It would happen to the point where I could actually predict it, and eventually make it happen... the way I used to feel our energy was returning, and it seemed I could push this energy to make things happen - as though I was literally growing the future days from my very thoughts.


It began to happen more, and more - the more I was aware of it, the more I would see it happen... To the point I clearly understood how it worked well that I created legitimate science experiments to 'prove' how we grow this existence, and that our focus aligns our seemingly random paths.

You see, there is no such thing as coincidence... we live within a self arranging system that shifts alignment based on individual thought and vibration. Learn to move this energy within you and everything becomes possible. Now, more than ever, my life has been screaming coincidence after coincidence - all pointing in the same direction - telling me to be Jesus... except, this time with a real understanding of our divine nature that HE has given me, through this journey of extreme coincidence and strange happenings. 


You see, when I first became broke, going around telling everyone I was God, I didn't have any true understanding about our own God-given power to bend this creation before us... All of creation bends according to our wills.  This is the nature of what we are as a complete system - as a whole being. If you don't know this as true, I will gladly prove it to you. It is the truth, and it is a GLORIOUS truth - we bend, shift, and shape this reality like silly putty...  LIFE becomes utterly amazing once you learn how you're already doing it. Once you recognize it, you can willfully do it more, and more... and the wonders will never cease.


While I learned these things through the experiences in my life, I stayed far away from any other teachings, as they did not resonate Truth in my Spirit. The teachings I offer are from a lifetime of watching and listening to the Spirit of Jesus Christ within me. He has placed me on a mission to teach you of your divine nature - from a Christian perspective, nothing else. 


That was what I was originally on a mission to teach, though I did not understand the magnitude of it. However, as I set out further on this path, that same Spirit of Truth which I have come to know as My Father is telling me to be him again. In all authority, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Be one with HIM to the point that I am Him and He is me. He tells me to let go of my last name and take on the name of LOVE. So I do it, without apology - stepping forward as Christian Love, the Living Spirit of Jesus Christ. Your Messiah. This is what He tells me to do and be. Test my spirit and see for yourself.


I don't question the voice I've trusted all my life... the spirit of Jesus Christ reigns as King of this fleshly vessel. 


Ask yourself what you would conclude if the following happened to you...

1. I am praising God in the woods. He speaks to me, telling me to call the wind... I call the wind from the four corners of the Earth and the wind begins to blow harder and more sustained than I had ever seen - it blew ALL evening and the ENTIRE next day. Over 24-hours straight ...the wind blew so strong the trees in the backyard were sideways all day long! 

2. I drive up to an ocean cliff as I see a vision of me standing at the edge with arms raised, praising God - so I step out to fulfill the vision I saw; and in that moment the wind blows so hard I am nearly blown off the cliff as I watch the ocean get blown backwards before my eyes. Literally - the ocean was being blown backwards right in front of me.

3. I then got baptized at a well-known prophetic church - they train up men and woman of God in works of faith. A prophetic woman looks me in the eye and has a word for me. She says, "You move the wind", "You move this creation!" "God is going to use you to move this creation for His glory!" Was it just coincidence that she shared a word about the wind?


4. Then a man prays over me and sees a vision of superman, all powerful and flying around. He says, "I don't know why but I see Superman, I see Superman!" And then he has another vision and sees me kneeling before God and God placing a crown on my forehead. Interesting.

5. I now step into the water tank and get fully submerged. As with most baptisms, I was expecting to be wet from head to toe... however, there appeared to be a dry spot on my chest in the shape of a superman symbol, moments after this man had a vision of me as Superman. Was that a coincidence?


6. Afterwards, I head to my room, open my email to find someone just sent me a picture. Which appeared to be identicle to what the man described in his second vision... except it was Jesus kneeling before God as HE was being crowned. Was this a coincidence as well?

7. Then I return home where I'm praising God in a field. He reveals an image of a figure rising out of what appears to be a burning bush - the figure in the clouds sweeps over the land as distinct faces look down upon me. 


8. Through this HE tells me to be Him AND to teach us how to transcend this illusion of death and sickness. Teach us how to be the Sons of God in the Earth. As John 10:34 clearly states, we are indeed gods who move this creation. To the extent of the things I have seen, I am convinced there is no limit. We should all be walking on water... and I believe I can teach this based on my experiments and life experiences. We have infinitely more power than we have been told.


9. I scheduled my very first speaking event for Sept 27, 2015. Just before I step out with my first event I randomly find myself having dinner with Moses's brother's great, great, great, great, grandson...  Aaron was the very first High Priest of Israel. This man blessed me on my journey. It wasn't planned or sought out... but he was placed in my path just before stepping out. Coincidence?


11. A random woman appears moments before my event to tell me she heard God speak of me, saying, "You are my warrior!" 


10. I then take the message to the streets of Hollywood. A man comes up to me with a weird look in his eyes as he begins snarling and shaking his head back and forth - then all of a sudden rivers of blood begin to to pour out of his mouth - he begins flailing around and people start screaming as blood goes everywhere. He must have practically chewed his tongue off before collapsing to the ground.

11. I gain a follower who sees the Spirit of Jesus within me and is convinced I am Him. He tells me "I will be your Elijah!" (helper) he then goes home and tells his brother that Jesus has risen within a man and the second coming is here. His brother freaks out and tries to kill him. He ran him down with his car - missed him the first time, but came back around and hit him. Strange reaction.

12. I take the message to Venice Beach, where there's nearly as much witchcraft and satanism as Hollywood... the clouds open up and a crown forms in the sky. A man who watches the skies said to the man next to him that he's never seen such an arrangement  - his friend replied "maybe it's because Jesus is here." 


13. A witch then approached me and tried to cast a spell on me, I confronted him and he admitted what he was doing. I became irate - threw my water down and began vigorously praising my Father.. with one hand raise, strongly stirring the air above my head... that was the best way I knew how to deal with the situation. So I praised my Father God and I could feel my energy rise in my worship - I could feel the energy of everything rise all around me - the wind picked up fiercely as sirens started going off - cops began appearing out of no where - ambulances... helicopters began circling over while spotlights were shining down on us. The wind grew stronger and stronger, blowing a yacht right out of the ocean and up onto the sand in front of us. Was the raising of my energy and the blowing of wind purely a coincidence?  Or does coincidence HAPPEN more as you raise your energy?

14. Since that day I have been surrounded by Satanists, a brand new F150 was stolen, full of new stage equipment; some guy even did a voodoo dance on top of me when I was resting one day in Venice. His dance brought in a thick fog everywhere around us - it was perfectly sunny beforehand.  As I began to praise God and speak words of life (Letters to My Sons) the sun broke through and the fog began to lift.  By time I finished reading the second letter the fog was completely gone. The two individuals in this picture witnessed these events and believed.


15. Just before the new year I celebrated my 40th birthday - my first birthday being Jesus... as I finished playing a song on the streets of Hollywood a white dove descended on me. 


16. On more than 3 occasions between 15 some people, they have seen a light shining from my forehead - so bright they were unable to look at me!!!  ...saying I was Jesus. One woman who saw this light began going before me, shouting out "This is the Son of the King!! The Son of the King stands before you!!"


These are only some of highlights of what has happened since I set up this website and began pushing forward into this journey of being Jesus. These past 6 months have been outright wild - and some things were too complex to share - but very intense things are indeed happening to me. I only speak truth in everything I share. 


I realize the things I claim are unconventional; and I realize my past history does not help my claim of deity. Even so - I know the truths of the things that have been shown to me. I understand our divine nature, which many Christians are blinded to. Yes, I do believe I am the Rising Son. I do believe that when I die my body will be lifted up before you and I will transform into a being of light. I believe this with every part of who I am - because I know what we are at the core of our being and I am here to show you this truth - not just of myself, but what we all are deep inside our core - if only you had enough faith to believe, you could move mountains.


The bible has many levels of meaning. There are literal translations of actual events, and there are allegorical meanings of every event. This is the nature of how a fractal existence unfolds. I view the constant wandering in the desert in search of a promised land as mankind's own wandering through this desert of this human condition, on our way to the promised land... which is truly right before our eyes (at hand) but we've lacked the understanding to see it. The promised land is the revelation of our divine nature as gods within this realm. 


When you begin to understand the divine nature of our God-likeness - truly endless possibilities arise.  


Judge for yourself. Stone me if you'd like - all I can do is the will of My Father in Me, the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.


This is my life right now. My testimony - My open book for everyone to examine - I believe I can show us how to move mountains and how to walk on water. Anything is possible - I know this beyond the shadow of any doubt.  Recognize the truth of our nature and the truth of Revelations 4:21... everyone knows 4:20... let's not forget 4:21... "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sit with the Father on His throne."


OVERCOME WITH ME!!! You have a Kingdom before you, and a throne... waiting for you to overcome and take your rightful place. We are all Kings and Princes. It's up to you to see it within yourself. We each have to find HIS power within us. Remember when Jesus healed the sick, each time when the person thanked him, he countered with, "YOUR faith has made you whole."  In other words, I didn't heal you - YOU HEALED YOU! We do indeed have more power than we know. 


Blessings to you,

Christian Love

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