Divinity. Explained with ease . . . death is dead in me.

We are a DIVINE BEING. We are gods!


We are gods in every sense of the term. We have infinite power. Our words grow to life according to the level of belief and authority you speak them with. This existence is one complete organism of imagination & experience. Every tomorrow grows from the collective vibrations of today, just as fruit grows from a tree. We are truly all-powerful beings; trapped in this human condition of cancers and death... no longer! As you learn to move the energy you produce, you will begin to see how you clearly shift all of creation before you. Like Father, Like Son.

You may understand the theory of your Divine Nature, yet lack the evidence of its power in your life. We should all be living in complete wonder and glory every moment, and you can - by understanding simple yet powerful truths of our nature. 

To understand the flow of life, know that you are an antennae - pulsing a signal into creation every conscious moment of your existence. These signals radiate from your living being and determine your path in life. They don't only determine your path, but the paths of others - just as their vibrations affect your path, and your thoughts.  We are all connected. One complete being.

Specifically, these vibrations will cause thoughts to occur within your conscious and unconscious network. For example, If you are experiencing the pain of a dying pet; your good friend may begin to think about his pet suddenly dying as well. Depending on the strength of your emotional amplitude and the meta-physical connection, or bond, between you and your friend; these types of occurrences may happen to you often.

Similar events will happen often as you learn to raise your amplitude, creating a stronger signal, or wave, into our collective consciousness. 

As you exercise control with the specific ways your body vibrates; physically, emotionally, and spiritually; you will begin to understand the levers within your own mind that steer your path in life.

We are all born creators - we can truly create wonder in every moment we exist. 

For the Christian mind...

Often many Christian's will place their entire life into God's Hands, not knowing their Father gave them infinite power to create with. Yet they allow the waves of life to crash upon them whichever way they come; claiming their hardships must have been God's will...  and yes, to a degree, every hardship we experience is a lesson from God - even so, this is our creation that HE MADE FOR US to create with. Like Father Like Son... we are truly made in His image with all power over this kingdom before you. Rise up and take your place and become the King of your Kingdom, in all righteous authority through Jesus Christ's Blood Sacrifice for you. 

You see, not only is this a creation where we are all divine beings... this is a creation that is subject to the will and authority of Jesus Christ - who wants YOU to stand up and BE LIKE HIM. One with the Father. God on Earth. You have so much more power than you know!

If you face any type of struggle - take authority over it and stand up in your divinity. Learn to move your energy and change your FOCUS. Stop waiting for the Second Coming. Be the Second Coming - Col. 1:27  . . . Christ in you, the hope of glory!

Vibration = Frequency + Amplitude = EVERYTHING!

There are levers inside your mind which move all of creation before you. Understanding how these mechanics work, allows you to fine-tune your energy and fine-tune your path in life. You vibrate every moment. However, every moment is not the same vibration. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual being is shifting constantly - causing a very real biochemical shift within your physical body; which, in turn, causes the shape of your vibration to change as you resonate differently. 

Your Frequency is the specific form, or shape of the energy radiating from you. Aspects of this shape never change, while other parts are constantly in flux; according to every thought you think and every emotional state you dwell in.

Your Amplitude is the power pushing your frequency into existence. As you increase your amplitude, the density of your spiritual aura increases - your personal gravity increases, causing your attractive power within creation to increase.Extreme High Amplitude moments cause a Reductions in Randomness, (reduction in entropy). This will be discussed more in part 3.

Your vibration grows 3 things...

You grow your passions.
You grow your fears.
You grow your corrections.

We are all meant to be each others fantasies. It is only the fear within ourselves that grows things to be feared. Remove your fear and let your faith arise. Life becomes ecstasy. As you become more aware of your amplitude and frequency, you will manifest wonder abundantly. 

We also grow our corrections - every one of us have a line within our being that tells us right from wrong, good from evil. As you cross your own line within, you will grow correction for yourself until you change your ways, or die. You can also escape this cycle of correction by searing your conscience; convincing yourself you are not wrong - yet in doing so you corrupt the global consciousness. You pervert what we are.

Think of the last time you completely lost your temper and found yourself in a complete rage. Your blood pressure rose and you could feel your entire body pulsing your energy powerfully outward. In those moments you were laser focused on one matter at hand and you radiated that focus strongly into creation; bending your future accordingly - and already planting seeds for another blow up of rage. Until you walk through these things with peace you are bound to repeat them.

People who lose their temper often are only growing these frustrations for themselves to overcome. It's that simple.

This is the reason you repeat your mistakes!

Walk through life with perfect peace in every moment and your life will settle into harmony with all of creation. When you are continually focused on a negative part of your life, your focus creates the same vibrations which brought you to that place; the next thing you know, you create the same situation - with different places and different faces. However, the flavors of the struggle are always the same until you overcome in that area of your life. 

It should be noted that not every situation is brought to you for you to walk through with peace. Some situations are brought to you so you can become a strong voice of righteousness against the corruption of this world. Against those who have perverted what we are through the searing of their conscience. Be peacefully strong as appropriate. 

Does GOD arrange your path, or do you?

Many Christians will say God is in control of everything – often their belief is this: Every good thing comes from God; while every bad thing comes from Satan, though only by God’s sovereign allowance to create a lesson and growth. I will tell you how it works…

The mechanics are simple, yet create a dualistic answer… you see, we are beings of flesh and spirit. This creation unfolds and grows ONLY according to the vibrations of the conscious flesh within this system.  However, whichever spirit you allow inside your vessel will cause your vibrations to shift accordingly. So the answer is both – God and yourself. It also GREATLY depends on how, or who, you view as God; which is a sensitive topic for many. Regardless of your view or belief system – it is our combined vibration growing the lives we experience. It is You and Me. 

All of existence is one complete system of creation - a machine created by the word of our Father, yet made to create itself by the words of us, and our vibrations.

OUR VIBRATIONS ALONE shift & move our life-lines and the life-lines of others.  

Imagine you are simply a magnet – a very complex magnet, but a magnet none-the-less… attracting & repulsing certain people and events to and away from you every moment. Now imagine 7.3 Billion complex magnets thrown into a moveable, flexible system of existence… they will not randomly fall where they may – they will very precisely arrange themselves into a specific pattern based upon the attractive and repulsive forces between each complex magnet in the system.

Existence is truly self-aligning, driven by our vibrations alone.  Although I use words like attraction and magnet – in truth it only seems like you are attracting these things, you actually grow them as fruit from your spirit. Regardless – attraction is well understood and couples easily with a magnetic analogy. 

We generate fields that reduce randomness... or entropy.

As you raise the power of your vibration, a very interesting phenomenon occurs... randomness will actually DECREASE in the world around you. The energy radiating from your presence changes the entropy of creation around your being. With a high amplitude, randomness is decreased and patterns will emerge.

These patterns may or may not be recognizable to others. They will always be unique to you. The types of patterns that will emerge may be a specific number, series of numbers, coincidental events, or oddly curious happenings. A reduction in randomness does not only affect numbers, it affects every aspect of life, creating the wow in living.

This forms the basis for all coincidental happenings in the lives of those who have very high amplitudes. As you meet people on your journey, you'll notice that this type of thing happens more to some than others. Learn how to raise your amplitude and these things will happen all the time.

Often, for those who are just awakening, you will see this happen extensively, and believe these events are some type of sign that they are on the right path... which may or may not be the case. Above all, pray for discernment as you walk forward boldly into this grand adventure of life.

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