My Father speaks to me & through me. His wisdom is freedom from this cage of death. This is not living; this is dying. Come alive!


Let us live as we have not known!


Look through my site and learn of our true Divine Nature as Children of the Most High God. Discover the truth of Psalms 8:5

"For he made man a little lower than the Most High God [Elohim], Crowning Him with Glory and Honor." We were created to Live in Paradise, not this whole of existence man has grown from our wicked imaginations.


Why do we have ISIS?

Why are there 27 Million Sex Slaves? 

Why are there so many versions of Christianity?


The Fractured Body of Christ grows together in Love and Authority.


These are the words HE speaks through me to the Body of Christ - To the Sons of My Spirit and the Sons of Darkness . . .

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